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Update and News




1) You can buy GP and DVC reset from Special shop
2) You can receive free L1CS coin every 60 mins when you play the game. Since there are many afk user when minium require level 53
3) Several Items no longer sell on npcs Blank Scrolls and Pine and Poly wand. 4) EXP Rate now x30 from x 20


Magic Doll Update

1) Doll Stats update
BugBear Doll- Exp 4%
WereWolf Doll - Mele Damage +1
Succubss Doll - MRP 18
Crussian Doll - Bow Damage +1
StoneGolem Doll - Chance reduction / Exp 3%


Online Market Update

Now you can sell and buy items from website


Drop update

Giran dungeon monsters will drop special weapons which you can craft from craft golem


We modified armor SET OPTIONS

Death Knight SET - STR +2, dmg_modifier +2, DR 3, AC -7
Kurtz SET - DEX +2 bow_dmg_modifier +2 WIS+1 INT+2
Pretender King SET - STR +2 dmg_modifier +2 bow_dmg_modifier +2 CHA +3 AC-7
Demon SET - INT +2, CHA +8, SP +2, MPR+7
Cerenis SET - INT +2, WIS+2, SP +3, MPR+25
Please checkout our website more information


L1CS update

Welcome to L!CS
1. There are 2 NPC that you can learn bagic magic and elf elemental magic
2. Elf can learn magic any place


L1CS Server Rates

Welcome to L1CS
1. Drop Rate X 3
2. Adena Drop Rate x 10
3. EXP Rate x 30
It might be changed in future


Lineage 1 Custom Test Server Open

Welcome to L!CS
We are now beta testing this server Please give us feed back via discord
After We will give everyone who participates this test special gift.
When L1 custom server start officially

There are 2 type of gm shop.
1) Adena shop - you need to pay with Adena
2) L1CS Coin Shop - you need to pay with L1CS Coin
* You will get 50 L1CS coins every 15mins once you log in or hunt mobs
There is a damage checker dummy that you can level up until Lvl50

IF you have any question, Please contat game master on our Discord Channel